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In creative collaboration, KL Shakespeare Players and David Glass has created the reimagining of Shakespeare's THE TEMPEST. 

As one of the renown founders and initiators of the Physical/Visual, Devised and Applied Theatre; David Glass has taken his time to dissect and present this timeless play as an original fresh take.

Performed in KLPAC and PenangPAC for the refreshing entertainment suited for all ages, Seeing Eye Arts is honoured to be a part of this brilliant play. 


streaming ONLINE

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In line with several major musicals and live theatre productions around the world sharing their content online, SEEING EYE ARTS, together with KL SHAKESPEARE PLAYERS, is proud to announce the online streaming of David Glass's reimagining of Shakespeare's The Tempest. 

The production was first staged in March 2019 at penangpac (Penang Performing Arts Centre) then south to klpac (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centres), and subsequently, at a couple of international schools. 

This recording is part of SEEING EYE ARTS' ten-year programme to digitally archive and preserve the local contemporary arts scene. 

SEEING EYE ARTS, a privately funded not-for-profit organisation, is releasing this video to underscore that Malaysian arts can be of international standards and thanks you for your support.


The coronavirus pandemic has spread havoc to communities all over the world.

Thousands of people have died and millions are made jobless, many more are left without homes or food to survive. They need our support. 

In enjoying this free streaming in the comfort of your home, lets make a difference by making a donation - no matter how small - to your local community charity. 

The following are some ideas of the charities you could consider:


You can donate to 

Yayasan Chow Kit

Bank: CIMB

Account Name: Yayasan Chow Kit

Account No: 8001143146

Swiftcode: CIBBMYKL

Need to Feed the Need

Bank: CIMB

Persatuan Memberi Kepada Yang Memerlukan

Account No: 8008651300

Shelter Home for Children
Bank: Shelter Home Organisation

Account Name: 
Account No: 794145131406



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